38 Boy Names without Vowels with Meaning and Origin

Brys (Welsh origin) represents ‘legendary son of Brysethach’, though usually given to boys, it can also be used for girls, considering that it sounds neutral.

Chng (Chinese origin), meaning ‘period of warring state’. It is pronounced Zheng and is quite a famous name in Singapore and Malaysia.

Chrys Chrys is a variation of Chris.

Cnychwr (Welsh origin) means ‘son of Nes’.

Crwys (Welsh origin), meaning ‘cross’, is a unisex name but is generally given to boys and should be pronounced as Kruw-iy-z.

Dyvyr (Welsh origin) implies ‘Legendary son of Alun’, and stands for harmony and peace.

Gwyr (Welsh origin) means ‘pure’.

Gwystyl (Welsh origin), meaning ‘Legendary son of Nwython’, is also a character in a book by Llyod Alexander.

Gwythyr (Welsh origin) means ‘Legendary son of Greidyawl’, and is used for conquerors. Gwythyr\’s place in mythology is uncertain but he symbolizes the never-ending fight between winter and summer.

Hrdy (Czech origin) means ‘proud’.

Krshn (Indian origin), meaning ‘the one above all’, is derived from Sanskrit shlokas. It also stands for the attractive one.

Kym (English and Indian origin) means ‘bold family or ship victory’, and is a neutral name for girls and boys. It also stands for Cyneburg’s field.

Kyndmryn (Welsh origin) means ‘Legendary son of Ermid’.

Kynwyl (Welsh origin) means ‘title of saint’.

Kywrkh (Welsh origin), meaning ‘legendary son of Cleddyv’, might not seem very good to ears but it’s a strong name.

Llwybyr (Welsh origin), meaning ‘legendary son of Caw’, is indeed difficult to pronounce.

Llwyd (Welsh origin) means ‘grey’. After getting old, if you are willing to change the name, don’t worry, because it also stands for grey hair.

Llwyr (Wales origin) means ‘legendary son of Llwyryon’.

Llyr (Welsh origin) means ‘the sea’.

Lyndzy (Old English origin), meaning ‘island full of linden trees’, can also mean Lincoln’s marsh.

Lynn Like Fay and Beth, Lynn is one of the functional, but colorless names. It will work best as a middle name.

Lynx (Greek origin) means ‘brightness’.

Ng/N gis (Chinese origin) has five different meanings based on how it is spelled. Its meanings include ‘yellow\’, \’king\’, \’reign\’, \’great\’, or \’to fall through’.

Plys (Welsh origin) means ‘Ryhs’ son’.

Qwinn Qwinn is a short and sweet name for your little one. It’s easy to pronounce and spell too!

Rhys (Welsh origin), meaning ‘enthusiasm’, is voiced as Rees.

Ryn (Welsh origin), meaning ‘chief’, is usually for boys but if it is given to girls, then it will stand for pure.

Shng (Chinese origin), meaning ‘either charming or optimistic’, is said as Shung.

Shw (English, Irish or Scottish origin) means ‘habitant of the woods’.

Sky (Old Norse origin) means ‘mirror\’, \’clouds\’ or \’shadow’.

Srpsky (Serbian origin) means ‘official language used by Serbs’.

Syvwkh (Welsh origin) represents ‘acclaimed son of Cleddyv Kyvwlch’.

Twm (Welsh origin) implies ‘god’s gift\’ or \’twins’. In Wales, it is used for Tom.

Ty (American origin) means ‘one who belongs to the land of Eoghan’.

Vlk (Polish, Czech, or Slovak origin), meaning ‘wolf\’, \’a person born under the sign of the wolf\’, or \’someone who possesses the traits of a wolf’, was once widely used in the middle ages as one of the Old Slavonic personal names.

Wyldr (German origin) means ‘huntsman\’ or \’someone who likes outdoor adventurous activities’.

Wynn (Welsh origin), meaning ‘blessed\’, \’fair\’, and \’friend’, was a name for boys that eventually became unisex.

Zvy (Hebrew origin), meaning ‘deer’, is a very famous Jewish name.