How Floor Time Can Transform Your Baby’s World

How Floor Time Can Transform Your Baby's World

Have you ever noticed how drawn your baby seems to bouncy chairs, swings, and car seats? While these containers can be lifesavers for busy parents, overuse can hinder your little one’s development. Experts are urging parents to ditch the “container hopping” and embrace the wonders of floor time. But what … Read more

4 Tiny Habits with Huge Benefits for Your Baby

4 tiny habits with huge developmental benefits

Who knew that everyday tasks could be secret weapons for your baby’s development? Turns out, those seemingly insignificant moments hold the potential for big developmental leaps! Here are 4 simple yet powerful habits you can weave into your day-to-day routine to unlock your baby’s potential: 1. Talk It Out: Turn … Read more

10 Ways to Predict Your Baby’s Future Personality

As parents, we often wonder what our little bundles of joy will grow up to be like. Will they be outgoing or shy? Adventurous or cautious? While it’s impossible to predict every detail, there are certain signs and behaviors in infancy that can give us clues about our baby’s future … Read more

The Best Babysitter Ever Award Goes To… My 12-Year-Old Stepson!

In a home buzzing with the usual chaos, something extraordinary happened that transformed a regular Saturday into a day to remember. The hero of this story is none other than my 12-year-old stepson, whose simple desire for a new video game led to an unexpected display of responsibility and brotherly … Read more

Why YouTube Kids May Not Be As Safe As You Think

a kid watching youtube kids videos

YouTube Kids is often seen as a child-friendly offshoot of YouTube, designed to provide a safe viewing space for children. However, as a long-time content creator and a parent, I feel compelled to warn other parents: YouTube Kids is not as safe as you might think, and it certainly isn’t … Read more

The Pros and Cons of School vs. Homeschool for American Parents


Deciding on the best educational path for your child is a pivotal choice for any parent. In the United States, the debate between traditional schooling and homeschooling continues to be a hot topic. Each approach offers distinct advantages and challenges, making it essential for parents to carefully consider what fits … Read more

9 Things to Do with Kids in Spring

9 things to do with kids in spring

Spring bursts with opportunities for fun and exploration, making it a perfect time to engage with your children outdoors and introduce them to the wonders of nature. As the days grow warmer and longer, here are some delightful activities to enjoy with your kids this spring. 1. Plant a Garden … Read more

How to Stop Overindulging Your Child

a toddler earnestly pleading with their mother to buy a toy in a toy store

In a world of endless options and the constant bombardment of advertisements, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for parents to resist the urge to spoil their children. From the latest toys and gadgets to trendy clothes and accessories, the temptation to give in to every “I want” is a struggle many … Read more