Best Pottery Wheel for Kids

Pottery wheels for kids are designed to bring the art of pottery to children without overwhelming them with the complexity inherent to pottery making. Pottery making is also a great way to develop focus and motor skills in children

We tested five products and found the Insnug Pottery Wheel Art Craft Kit to be the best pottery wheel for kids overall. These pottery wheels are easy to use and engaging for kids without being overwhelming. 

We chose the Insnug Pottery Wheel Art Craft Kit as the best overall because it is available for purchase at a reasonable price. Its specifications are second to none. Besides the price point, included accessories make it the best choice overall. 

Though the Insnug Pottery Wheel Art Craft Kit is rated the best overall, four other pottery wheels for kids are also excellent choices. Each one has its strengths and might be a better fit for you, depending on your needs. 

For instance, if you need a pottery wheel best for beginners, the Faber-Castell Pottery Studio Kids Pottery Wheel Kit is a good choice. Each wheel accomplishes the same goal, so any wheel you choose on this list will be great for making pottery! 

Keep reading to get the details on the top five pottery wheels for kids 

Top 4 Pottery Wheels for Kids

Here are my top five choices for kids’ pottery wheels:  

Insnug Pottery Wheel Art Craft Kit Best Overall

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This pottery wheel for kids comes with more accessories than many others like it on the market. The kit includes:

  • Two air-dry clays 
  • 12 paint colors
  • Two paintbrushes 
  • Clay cutters 
  • An easy water-absorbing sponge
  • A dotting pen 
  • Carving tools 
  • Support stand for beginners 
  • Colorful gem stickers 
  • A table sheet for spills 
  • An easy-to-follow instructions sheet

The wheel only operates by battery power. It is available at a mid-range price and has 4 out of 5 stars from Amazon customers.  

Faber-Castell Pottery Studio – Kids Pottery Wheel Kit – Best for Beginners

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If you’re buying this for a beginner artist in the making, this is a great option. It is for kids eight and up and comes with the opportunity to power it with a USB cord or batteries. It features two speeds and has a place to put the tools and the paints on the wheel. 

The three pounds of clay included in the kit are non-toxic, all-natural, and air-drying. It has 4.5 out of 5 stars from the Amazon customer reviews. With this product, you can make:

  • Mugs
  • Trays 
  • Bowls 
  • Beads
  • And more! 

The possibilities for imagination are endless with this pottery wheel!  

Made by Me My Very Own Pottery Kit – Best Budget-Friendly Kids Pottery Wheel

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This pottery wheel is by the same company that makes the pedal-powered wheel on our list. Though it is cheaper than any other wheel on the list, the company makes it with the same reputable quality as their other products. It is suitable for children aged eight and up. 

My Very Own Pottery Kit comes with:

  • A few essential tools 
  • Two pounds of clay 
  • A few paints
  • Paintbrushes

It is battery-operated and has a few molds to make the perfect clay pot or bowl!

Cool Maker Pottery Studio – Best for Making a Variety of Crafts  

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The Cool Maker Pottery Studio is the only pottery wheel for children on our list that recommends an age group of 6 and up. Although younger kids can use this pottery wheel, parental supervision is the best route when children first learn to play with this toy. 

It comes with:

  • A spray bottle 
  • Tool holder 
  • Three clay discs
  • One paintbrush 
  • Two sculpting tools 
  • Two coring tools 
  • Two cores 
  • Two sleeves 
  • Five colors of paint
  • A playbook instruction guide 

This wheel is a unique pottery wheel because it provides instructions on making jewelry trays, bowls, cups, beads, headphone holders, and more! 

Buying Guide

Here are a few things you should look for when buying a pottery wheel for kids. 


Purchase a wheel with accessories included. Beyond making a clay pot, using small tools to decorate and shape the clay helps develop motor-cognitive skills in children. 

Power Options 

It is also crucial to decide if you need a battery-powered or USB-powered wheel and whether you want a wheel with a pedal. The pedal offers better control over the speed and helps the child learn the mechanics of an industry-standard pottery wheel. 

If you aren’t sure if the child will enjoy the pottery wheel, opt for a pottery wheel on the low-end of the price points available. 

Clay Options 

Another feature you should consider is if the clay provided is the only brand that works with the wheel. Be sure the wheel you choose can accommodate other types of clay besides the brand sent with the starter kit. 

Potential Problems 

Additionally, be aware of issues that might arise when you give a child a pottery wheel. 

Messy Play 

Playing with a pottery wheel can be messy, which is unavoidable due to the nature of working with clay. Be sure that the wheel you purchase has spaces to hold paint, paintbrushes, and other tools. The workstation will be messy, so be sure you get a pottery wheel that can help mitigate that mess. 

Battery Life 

Another issue that could arise is batteries dying or giving out while the child is playing with the toy. If this worries you, go with a pottery wheel that uses a USB for its power source. Alternatively, be sure to have extra batteries on hand. 

Limited Options 

Depending on the wheel you choose, you may be cornered into only using the wheel to make simple items like cups and bowls. If you want to make other items, be sure to get a wheel that advertises it can be used for such things or has directions on how to complete these projects. 


Now that you have read all there is to read about the best pottery wheels on the market for kids, which one will you choose? I think the Insnug Pottery Wheel Art Craft Kit is the best overall, but the other pottery wheels on this list do have their perks. 

Regardless of the pottery wheel you choose, be sure to take the considerations mentioned in this buying guide to heart. Your child will love and appreciate their gift either way!