How to Wash Baby Toys

If you have kids, chances are you have a house full of toys. Some of the toys are new, some are old, and some might have even gotten outgrown. But no matter what, you\’ll need to find a way to clean them all.

How to Wash Baby Toys in Washing Machine

A washing machine makes an excellent first choice for many parents. You\’ll want to wash the toys on the gentle cycle when using a washing machine. Doing this will protect the toys from damage that could occur if you washed them on a more aggressive cycle.

It is also essential to use the right amount of detergent. Too much detergent can leave residue on the toys.

If you have many small toys, consider using a mesh laundry bag to help keep them from becoming lost in the wash cycle. It is also important not to overstuff your washing machine. The agitator could damage the toys if it gets jammed under too many toys at once.

Additionally, if you are washing toys made from fabric, you\’ll want to wash them with other like-colored items. Doing this will help prevent color bleeding problems from occurring.

How to Wash Baby Toys Naturally

Cleaning baby toys naturally is another choice that many people use. It uses fewer chemicals, but it also takes a little more time.
You will want to start by washing the toys in warm, sudsy water. If you find that this doesn\’t get them completely clean, you can use baking soda or hydrogen peroxide to scrub the surface of the toy with a toothbrush. Avoid using too much bleach to clean your baby\’s toys since it could discolor or destroy the surface of some of your child\’s toys.

Once you have washed the toys, you should store them in a dry place.

If you are dealing with stuffed toys, you can try placing them in a large freezer bag. You can then place the bag in the freezer for a few hours. When you remove the toys from the freezer, you should find that any stains will loosen up, making cleaning them easier. It is also essential to check their texture because the freezing process can cause them to become more brittle.

How to Clean and Sanitize Baby Toys

Cleaning and sanitizing baby toys is one of the most effective ways to keep your child from getting sick.

You\’ll want to start by washing them in warm, soapy water. Once the toys are clean, allow them to air dry.

Then you\’ll want to sanitize them using a bleach solution of 1/4 cup bleach and 10 cups water. After adding the bleach solution to a bucket and filling it with lukewarm water, soak the toys for about thirty minutes. You should repeat this process two more times.

After this, you\’ll want to let the sanitizer sit on the toys for an additional five minutes before rinsing them off.

A disinfectant spray can be an effective alternative to bleach or soap. It is because it can get applied more uniformly while being less likely to cause damage to the surface of the toys.

To be sure that you are using your cleaner safely, you must follow all manufacturer\’s instructions.

How Often Should I Clean Baby Toys

Ultimately, you\’ll need to clean baby toys differently depending on how often the child plays with them and whether or not they are in the same room as your child.

If you have a newborn who still sleeps in a crib with the toys, you should clean them almost daily. It is because newborns and infants are more likely to put these toys in their mouths.

If your child is older but still has some of the more common toys in their room, cleaning them every couple of weeks may be a good idea.

However, if your child spends a lot of time playing with toys in the same room as other children, it may be best to clean them no less than once a week. Because these toys are likely to be shared between many children, they are likely to come into contact with germs and bacteria regularly.

How to Wash Baby Toys with Batteries

If your baby\’s toys have batteries, you\’ll want to take extra precautions.

As many battery-operated toys do not come with the manufacturer\’s directions for washing, you may need to do some additional research before you begin.

To begin, you\’ll want to remove the toys\’ batteries before washing them. You\’ll also want to remove any foam pieces and clean them separately. Next, you\’ll want to clean the toys using warm soapy water.

After this, you\’ll want to sanitize the toys using a disinfectant spray. You\’ll also want to allow them to dry naturally.

Additionally, if your toy has a motor, it may be a good idea to hand wash it. It is because motor oils can be damaging to some toys, which could cause them to lose their functionality.


Children\’s toys are prone to picking up all sorts of germs, bacteria, and dirt. Therefore, they require frequent, thorough cleaning. By following the steps outlined above, you should be able to keep your children\’s toys clean and safe.