Why YouTube Kids May Not Be As Safe As You Think

a kid watching youtube kids videos

YouTube Kids is often seen as a child-friendly offshoot of YouTube, designed to provide a safe viewing space for children. However, as a long-time content creator and a parent, I feel compelled to warn other parents: YouTube Kids is not as safe as you might think, and it certainly isn’t … Read more

How My Boomer Dad Cured My Exhaustion with One Simple Trick

How My Boomer Dad Cured My Exhaustion with One Simple Trick

It’s been a grueling week. Between endless work deadlines and a sick toddler at home, my husband and I have been living on fumes. Sleep has been scarce, and our house has started to resemble a scene from a disaster movie—laundry piling up, dishes mounting. Enter my dad, a boomer … Read more

The Pros and Cons of School vs. Homeschool for American Parents


Deciding on the best educational path for your child is a pivotal choice for any parent. In the United States, the debate between traditional schooling and homeschooling continues to be a hot topic. Each approach offers distinct advantages and challenges, making it essential for parents to carefully consider what fits … Read more

9 Things to Do with Kids in Spring

9 things to do with kids in spring

Spring bursts with opportunities for fun and exploration, making it a perfect time to engage with your children outdoors and introduce them to the wonders of nature. As the days grow warmer and longer, here are some delightful activities to enjoy with your kids this spring. 1. Plant a Garden … Read more

How to Stop Overindulging Your Child

a toddler earnestly pleading with their mother to buy a toy in a toy store

In a world of endless options and the constant bombardment of advertisements, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for parents to resist the urge to spoil their children. From the latest toys and gadgets to trendy clothes and accessories, the temptation to give in to every “I want” is a struggle many … Read more

9 Thing to Do If Your Kids Get Bullied: A Parent’s Guide

a boy experiencing bullying

Discovering that your child is being bullied can evoke a maelstrom of emotions—anger, sadness, frustration, and perhaps a sense of helplessness. It’s a harsh reality that many children face at some point in their lives. As parents, our primal instinct is to protect our children from harm, but when it … Read more

At What Age Do Babies Not Need to Be Fed at Night?

a mother feeding her baby at midnight

Nighttime feedings are a staple of early parenthood. They play a crucial role in your baby’s growth and development, ensuring that your little one gets all the necessary nutrients to grow strong and healthy. However, as any sleep-deprived parent can attest, there comes a point when you start wondering: When … Read more

Find Your Missing Child in a Store: 10 Quick Steps

a child lost in a store while shopping

Discovering your child is missing while shopping is a situation no parent ever wants to face. Yet, it’s a scenario that, unfortunately, does happen, striking fear into the heart of any guardian. The crucial moments following the realization that your child is not by your side are critical. How you … Read more

Saying Sorry to Kids is Not a Weakness

a mother is apologizing to her daughter

The act of parenting is filled with moments of joy, challenges, and profound learning experiences, not just for children but for parents as well. Among these, the act of saying sorry to our children when we err remains one of the most powerful lessons in humility and respect. Traditionally, the … Read more