10 Classic Fairy Tale Books Every Child Should Read

In the enchanting world of children\’s literature, fairy tales hold a special place. These timeless stories transport young readers to magical realms, sparking their imagination and imparting timeless lessons. In this blog post, we\’ll delve into a collection of classic fairy tale books that every child should read. These tales, filled with magic, adventure, and valuable morals, continue to captivate generations and contribute to the literary tapestry of childhood.

  1. \”Cinderella\” by Charles Perrault:
    • Charles Perrault\’s \”Cinderella\” is a quintessential fairy tale that has charmed readers for centuries. The story of a kind and gentle girl, a magical transformation, and a royal ball captures the essence of dreams coming true. This classic tale teaches children about the virtues of kindness and the belief that goodness will be rewarded.
  2. \”Little Red Riding Hood\” by Brothers Grimm:
    • The Brothers Grimm gifted the world with the haunting yet captivating story of \”Little Red Riding Hood.\” Filled with suspense and cautionary themes, this tale encourages children to be wary of strangers and trust their instincts. The iconic red hood and the encounter with the Big Bad Wolf create a memorable narrative that lingers in the imagination.
  3. \”Snow White\” by Brothers Grimm:
    • Another gem from the Brothers Grimm, \”Snow White,\” is a tale of beauty, envy, and the triumph of good over evil. The wicked queen\’s jealousy, the kindness of the dwarfs, and the transformative power of love make this story a classic exploration of morality and resilience.
  4. \”Beauty and the Beast\” by Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont:
    • Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont\’s \”Beauty and the Beast\” is a timeless tale that goes beyond appearances. This story celebrates inner beauty, kindness, and the transformative power of love. The enchanting narrative has inspired numerous adaptations, emphasizing the enduring appeal of this fairy tale.
  5. \”The Little Mermaid\” by Hans Christian Andersen:
    • Hans Christian Andersen\’s \”The Little Mermaid\” weaves a tale of sacrifice, longing, and the pursuit of true happiness. With its ethereal underwater setting and a mermaid\’s quest for an immortal soul, this story explores themes of love, selflessness, and the consequences of making choices.
  6. \”Hansel and Gretel\” by Brothers Grimm:
    • The Brothers Grimm offer a cautionary tale with \”Hansel and Gretel,\” where resourcefulness and cleverness prevail over the wicked intentions of a witch. This story serves as a reminder to children about the importance of resilience and quick thinking in the face of adversity.
  7. \”The Sleeping Beauty\” by Charles Perrault:
    • Charles Perrault\’s \”The Sleeping Beauty\” enchants readers with a spellbinding narrative of a princess, a curse, and a century-long slumber. This fairy tale celebrates the power of true love\’s kiss and the triumph of good over evil. The theme of awakening resonates as a metaphor for the transformative power of love in breaking through the barriers of despair.
  8. \”Rumpelstiltskin\” by Brothers Grimm:
    • The Brothers Grimm\’s \”Rumpelstiltskin\” is a captivating story of cleverness and consequences. With its magical spinning wheel and a mysterious little man, this tale explores themes of trust, promises, and the importance of keeping one\’s word.
  9. \”The Ugly Duckling\” by Hans Christian Andersen:
    • Hans Christian Andersen\’s \”The Ugly Duckling\” is a heartwarming tale of self-discovery and acceptance. This story encourages children to embrace their uniqueness and appreciate the transformative journey from feeling like an outsider to discovering one\’s true identity.
  10. \”Jack and the Beanstalk\” by Joseph Jacobs:
    • \”Jack and the Beanstalk\” is a classic English fairy tale, popularized by Joseph Jacobs. The story of Jack\’s daring adventure up the beanstalk to confront the giant showcases bravery, resourcefulness, and the triumph of good over evil. This classic fairy tale continues to be a favorite for its exciting narrative and moral lessons.


Classic fairy tales are not just stories; they are windows into a world of imagination, morality, and timeless wisdom. Reading these tales with your child not only provides magical moments of shared storytelling but also imparts valuable life lessons. As you embark on these literary journeys together, you\’ll be passing down the magic of fairy tales from generation to generation, creating memories that will last a lifetime. So, open the pages of these classic fairy tale books, and let the enchantment unfold in the hearts and minds of your young readers.

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