10 Girl Names Like Emery

Choosing a name for your baby girl is an exciting yet challenging task for every parent. If you’re drawn to modern, unique names like Emery, you’re in luck. This post will explore names that share a similar vibe – fresh, contemporary, and charming.

Emery: The Trendsetter

Before we dive into similar names, let’s talk about Emery. This name has risen in popularity due to its modern sound and unisex appeal. It’s a name that feels both strong and delicate, perfect for a girl of the 21st century.

Names in the Same Vein

  1. Avery: Much like Emery, Avery has a unisex quality. It’s a name that’s both lyrical and robust, making it a great choice for parents looking for something similar to Emery but with its own distinct flair.
  2. Harper: Originally a surname, Harper has gained popularity as a first name. It’s musical and has a touch of sophistication, perfect for parents who appreciate the arts and literature.
  3. Riley: A lively and spirited name, Riley has an energetic vibe. It’s a great option for parents who love Emery’s modernity but want something a bit more playful.
  1. Quinn: Short and sweet, Quinn is a name that’s both unique and easy to remember. Its simplicity is its charm, and it fits well in the company of names like Emery.
  2. Peyton: This name has a sporty, energetic feel to it. It’s a great choice for parents who want a name that’s spirited and contemporary.
  3. Sawyer: Originally a surname like Harper, Sawyer is becoming more popular as a first name. It’s adventurous and a bit edgy, great for parents looking for a name with a strong character.
  4. Rowan: This name has a natural, earthy vibe while still sounding modern and trendy. It’s a wonderful option for parents who are inspired by nature but want a name with a contemporary twist.
  5. Teagan: This name is whimsical and fun, with a playful sound to it. Teagan is a great alternative to Emery for parents who want a name that’s both unique and charming.
  6. Blair: Elegant and understated, Blair is a name that’s both classy and modern. It’s perfect for parents who want a name with a sleek sophistication.
  7. Skyler: With its open and airy sound, Skyler is a name that feels both free-spirited and contemporary. It’s a great choice for parents who love the modernity of Emery but are looking for something with a bit of whimsy.

Finding the Perfect Fit

Choosing a name like Emery or any of its counterparts is about finding a balance between uniqueness and timelessness. These names are trendy yet have the potential to age well, offering a blend of individuality and classic appeal.


If you love the name Emery, these alternatives offer the same modern, trendy vibe with their own unique twists. Whether you prefer something playful like Riley, elegant like Blair, or earthy like Rowan, there’s a name on this list that will capture your heart just as Emery did. Each name carries its own personality and style, yet they all share a common thread of being contemporary and distinctive.

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