30 Timeless Biblical Girl Names and Their Significance

Choosing a baby name is a significant decision for any parent. Many look to the Bible for inspiration, seeking names that are not only beautiful but also steeped in history and meaning. Here’s a list of 30 timeless girl names from the Bible, each with its own unique story and significance.

  1. Eve – The first woman, her name means ‘living’.
  2. Sarah – Wife of Abraham, her name means ‘princess’.
  3. Rebekah – Wife of Isaac, known for her kindness and beauty.
  4. Leah – Jacob’s wife, her name is thought to mean ‘weary’.
  5. Rachel – Jacob’s beloved wife, her name means ‘ewe’ or ‘lamb’.
  6. Miriam – Sister of Moses, her name means ‘wished-for child’.
  7. Deborah – A prophetess and judge, her name means ‘bee’.
  8. Hannah – Mother of Samuel, her name means ‘favor’ or ‘grace’.
  9. Abigail – David’s wise and beautiful wife, her name means ‘father’s joy’.
  10. Esther – A queen who saved her people, her name means ‘star’.
  11. Ruth – Known for her loyalty, her name means ‘companion’ or ‘vision of beauty’.
  12. Naomi – Ruth’s mother-in-law, her name means ‘pleasant’.
  13. Elizabeth – Mother of John the Baptist, her name means ‘God is my oath’.
  14. Mary – Mother of Jesus, her name means ‘wished-for child’.
  15. Martha – Sister of Lazarus, known for her hospitality.
  16. Joanna – A follower of Jesus, her name means ‘God is gracious’.
  17. Lydia – A businesswoman who was one of Paul’s converts.
  18. Priscilla – A tentmaker and early Christian teacher.
  19. Phoebe – A deaconess in the early church, her name means ‘radiant, shining one’.
  20. Dorcas – Known for her acts of charity, her name means ‘gazelle’.
  21. Susanna – A supporter of Jesus, her name means ‘lily’.
  22. Tabitha – The Aramaic form of Dorcas, known for her good works.
  23. Chloe – Mentioned in Corinthians, her name means ‘green shoot’.
  24. Lois – Grandmother of Timothy, known for her faith.
  25. Eunice – Mother of Timothy, known for her faith.
  26. Jael – Known for her bravery, her name means ‘mountain goat’.
  27. Salome – Follower of Jesus, her name means ‘peace’.
  28. Keturah – Second wife of Abraham, her name means ‘incense’.
  29. Tamar – Daughter-in-law of Judah, her name means ‘palm tree’.
  30. Zipporah – Wife of Moses, her name means ‘bird’.

These Biblical names carry with them stories of strength, virtue, and faith, making them not just a name but a piece of history and a source of inspiration for your daughter.

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