74 Funny Questions to Ask Kids for Guaranteed Giggles

Every parent loves hearing the sound of their child’s laughter. Asking your kids funny and imaginative questions is not only a great way to hear those giggles but also a wonderful opportunity to get a peek into their creative minds. Here’s a delightful list of 77 funny questions that are sure to amuse your little ones and bring out the best of their wacky sense of humor.

1. What do you think dinosaurs would say if they could talk?

  • Start with a prehistoric giggle by imagining chatty dinosaurs.

2. If you were a king/queen, what would you name your castle?

  • Let them think of the most regal, or silly, names for their royal residence.

3. If your stuffed animals came to life, what would be the first thing they do?

  • Expect some adorable and hilarious responses about their favorite toys.

4. What’s the funniest word you know?

  • Kids often find certain words inherently funny, leading to some unexpected answers.

5. If you could change the sound of your sneeze, what sound would it be?

  • A sneeze that sounds like a train whistle or a lion’s roar? The possibilities are endless!

6. What’s the silliest name you can think of for a pet elephant?

  • Elephants are big, but the names kids can think of can be even bigger and funnier!

7. If our dog/cat could talk, what would be its favorite word?

  • Children love to imagine what their pets might say if given the chance.

8. Can you invent a new ice cream flavor that nobody has ever thought of?

  • Watch them whip up the craziest ice cream flavors in their imagination.

9. If you had a robot, what funny things would you program it to do?

  • Dancing, making silly faces, or even cleaning their room – what would a robot do in their world?

10. What would a day in a world made of candy look like?

  • Sweet and silly scenarios are bound to emerge from this question.

11. If you could talk to fish, what would you ask them?

  • Dive into the aquatic with funny questions for underwater friends.

12. What’s the funniest dream you’ve ever had?

  • Dreams can be weird, wonderful, and downright hilarious.

13. If you were a superhero, what would your silliest superpower be?

  • Beyond flying and super strength, what’s the silliest power they can think of?

14. What would you do if you could make yourself invisible for a day?

  • Expect some mischievous and funny responses to this classic scenario.

15. If our car could fly, where’s the first place you’d want to go?

  • Imagining a flying car trip can lead to some whimsical ideas.

16. What do you think is the funniest animal at the zoo?

  • Kids often have a favorite funny animal that makes them giggle every time.

17. If you could grow anything on trees, what would you choose?

  • Money, toys, or even pizza – let their imagination run wild.

18. What funny things would you do if you were the President for a day?

  • A child’s perspective on being a world leader can be unexpectedly amusing.

19. If you could switch places with anyone for a day, who would you pick and why?

  • From family members to fictional characters, their choice can be quite humorous.

20. What’s the funniest thing you can do with a spoon?

  • Who knew cutlery could be so amusing?

21. If you were an inventor, what silly invention would you create?

  • Their imaginations can run wild with ideas for goofy gadgets.

22. What would you name a planet if you discovered one?

  • Expect names ranging from the hilarious to the utterly bizarre.

23. If animals could dance, which animal do you think would be the best dancer?

  • Perhaps a boogieing bear or a samba-ing squirrel?

24. What’s the weirdest topping you would put on a pizza?

  • Kids’ pizza toppings can be creatively funny and unexpected.

25. If your toys could talk, what would they say to each other when you’re not around?

  • A toy story told by a child can be both humorous and insightful.

26. What would be the funniest thing to fill a swimming pool with, instead of water?

  • Jelly, marshmallows, or even spaghetti – the options are endless and amusing.

27. If you could make up a new school subject, what would it be?

  • Something like ‘The Study of Cartoons’ or ‘Alien Languages’ might be on the curriculum.

28. What’s the funniest name you can think of for a race car?

  • Expect some speedily silly suggestions!

29. If you could mix two animals together, what new animal would you create?

  • A ‘Croco-duck’ or a ‘Snail-Eagle’? The combinations can be hilariously strange.

30. What’s the funniest outfit you can imagine wearing to school?

  • A costume, a mismatched ensemble, or something entirely out of this world!

31. If you could open a store, what would you sell and what would you call it?

  • Children’s ideas for business can be both funny and inventive.

32. What would you do if you woke up and you were a grown-up?

  • Kids often have hilarious ideas about what being an adult entails.

33. If you could make a new holiday, what would you celebrate?

  • ‘National Chocolate Day’ or ‘Day of the Dinosaurs’ could be contenders.

34. What’s the silliest thing you can do with a box?

  • Boxes can be spaceships, forts, or even robot costumes – the sillier, the better.

35. If you were a clown, what funny tricks would you do?

  • Their version of clowning around might include some creative antics.

36. What would your dream house look like and what funny features would it have?

  • Expect houses with slides instead of stairs or chocolate fountains in every room.

37. If you could create a new planet, what would you name it and what would it be like?

  • A planet made of candy, or one where everyone has to hop instead of walk?

38. What’s the funniest thing a bird could say if it could talk?

  • Their take on a talking bird can be both comical and clever.

39. If you had a pet dragon, what funny things would you teach it to do?

  • From making toast with its breath to doing dragon dances, the ideas will be fiery fun!

40. What would you do if you were invisible for a day at school?

  • Mischievous pranks and funny observations are bound to come up.

41. If you could make up a funny rule that everyone in the world had to follow, what would it be?

  • A world where everyone has to wear funny hats or sing instead of talk?

42. What would you put in a sandwich to make it super silly?

  • Gummy bears, ice cream, or even toy cars – kids can be quite the creative chefs!

43. If you could switch lives with any cartoon character, who would it be and why?

  • Their choice can reveal a lot about their favorite shows and characters.

44. What’s the funniest thing you can do with a pair of socks?

  • Sock puppets, funny fashion statements, or even impromptu hand warmers?

45. If you could have a tail, what kind would you want and what would you do with it?

  • A fluffy tail for comfort, a monkey tail for grabbing things, or a peacock tail for showing off?

46. If you could talk in your sleep, what do you think you would say?

  • Kids’ ideas of their sleep conversations can be both whimsical and hilarious.

47. What’s the funniest thing about being a kid?

  • From not having to pay bills to playing all day, their perspectives can be both amusing and insightful.

48. If you could make a new type of candy, what would it taste like and what would you call it?

  • Expect some wacky flavors and creative names for their dream candy.

49. What would you do if you had a pet unicorn?

  • Magical adventures and unicorn rides might be part of their fantastical plans.

50. If you could change the color of the sky, what color would you choose?

  • A pink sky, a rainbow sky, or even a polka-dotted sky could be in their imagination.

51. What’s the silliest thing you can do with a balloon?

  • Beyond just floating or popping, their balloon antics can be both creative and humorous.

52. If you could create a new sport, what would it be called and how would it be played?

  • A sport that combines elements from their favorite activities or something entirely new and nonsensical.

53. What’s the funniest dance move you can think of?

  • Their dance moves might include wiggles, jumps, or even funny faces.

54. If you could turn into any animal for a day, which one would you choose and what would you do?

  • The life of a monkey, a fish, or even a dinosaur – a day in the life as imagined by a child can be quite the adventure.

55. What’s the funniest thing about grown-ups?

  • Children often have amusing observations about adult behavior and habits.

56. If you could make up a funny song, what would it be about?

  • A song about their day, their favorite toy, or even a made-up creature can be a hit.

57. What’s the silliest thing you can do with a hat?

  • Hats can be more than just headwear in the imaginative world of a child.

58. If you were a magician, what funny magic trick would you want to perform?

  • From pulling a rabbit out of a hat to making things disappear, their magic show can be quite the spectacle.

59. What’s the funniest way to travel from one place to another?

  • Bouncing like a kangaroo, flying on a broomstick, or even teleporting can be their modes of hilarious transportation.

60. If you could build a funny robot, what would it look like and what would it do?

  • Their robot might be designed for comedy, doing funny dances, or telling jokes.

61. What’s the silliest rule you would make if you were in charge of the house?

  • Dessert before dinner, pajamas all day, or a mandatory dance hour might be some of their household laws.

62. If you could create a new animal, what features would it have?

  • A combination of their favorite animals, or something entirely new and amusing.

63. What’s the funniest gift you could give someone?

  • Their gift ideas can range from joke items to something sweetly silly.

64. If you could change your name for a day, what would you choose and why?

  • A superhero name, a name from their favorite story, or something completely made-up.

65. What’s the funniest thing about school?

  • From certain subjects to the antics of classmates, their school observations can be entertaining.

66. If you could decorate our house, what funny things would you add?

  • Expect ideas like slides instead of stairs, or a ball pit in the living room.

67. What’s the silliest way to greet someone?

  • A secret handshake, a funny dance, or even a made-up language could be their preferred greeting.

68. If you could change the sound of your laugh, what would it sound like?

  • A high-pitched giggle, a deep chuckle, or even an animal sound might be their laugh of choice.

69. What’s the funniest thing you can do with water?

  • Water fights, funny swimming styles, or even silly experiments might be their aquatic antics.

70. If you could talk to plants, what would you ask them?

  • Their conversations with plants might include questions about the weather, the soil, or even what it’s like to be green.

71. What’s the silliest outfit a superhero could wear?

  • Superheroes in their imagination might sport wacky costumes with unusual accessories.

72. If you could make a funny movie, what would it be about?

  • Their movie plot might include hilarious characters, wacky adventures, or even slapstick comedy.

73. What’s the funniest thing you can do with a chair?

  • Beyond just sitting, they might think of turning it into a fort, a spaceship, or even a race car.

74. If you could have a funny conversation with the moon, what would you talk about?

  • Their lunar dialogue could cover topics like cheese, astronauts, or what the moon does all night.

In wrapping up, this list of 74 amusing questions offers a delightful way to engage with your child’s creative mind and enjoy their laughter. Use these prompts to spark joyous conversations and cherish the unique and humorous perspectives they bring. Remember, each giggle is a precious reminder of the magic in a child’s imagination. Happy questioning!

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