29 Enchanting Girl Names Ending in ‘E’ with Meaning and Origins

Selecting a name for your daughter is one of the first and most important decisions you’ll make as a parent. If you’re drawn to names that are both classic and feminine, consider those ending in ‘e’. These names are often timeless, with each carrying its unique history and meaning. Here’s a list of 29 beautiful girl names ending in ‘e’ to inspire your choice.

  1. Chloe – Of Greek origin, meaning ‘blooming’ or ‘fertility’.
  2. Grace – Latin origin, representing charm, goodness, and generosity.
  3. Zoe – Greek, meaning ‘life’, a symbol of vitality and energy.
  4. Eve – A name of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘life’ or ‘living’.
  5. Charlotte – French feminine diminutive of Charles, meaning ‘free man’.
  6. Madeleine – French form of Magdalene, meaning ‘of Magdala’.
  7. Elise – French, a shorter version of Elizabeth, meaning ‘God is my oath’.
  8. Rosalie – French, derived from the word for the rose flower.
  9. Marie – French version of Mary, meaning ‘bitter’ or ‘wished-for child’.
  10. Anne – Of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘favor’ or ‘grace’.
  11. Genevieve – Of Germanic origin, meaning ‘tribe woman’.
  12. Natalie – Derived from Latin, meaning ‘Christmas Day’.
  13. Phoebe – Greek, meaning ‘bright’, ‘pure’.
  14. Daphne – Greek, meaning ‘laurel’ or ‘bay tree’, symbolizing victory.
  15. Valerie – Latin, meaning ‘strong’, ‘valiant’, ‘healthy’.
  16. Josephine – French, female form of Joseph, meaning ‘Jehovah increases’.
  17. Adele – German, meaning ‘noble’, ‘nobility’.
  18. Alice – Of German origin, meaning ‘nobility’.
  19. Celeste – Latin, meaning ‘heavenly’.
  20. Esme – Of French origin, meaning ‘esteemed’, ‘loved’.
  21. Irene – Greek, meaning ‘peace’.
  22. Paige – English, originally a surname meaning ‘young servant’.
  23. Suzanne – French form of Susanna, meaning ‘lily’.
  24. Elaine – Of Greek origin, meaning ‘bright, shining light’.
  25. Faye – English, meaning ‘fairy’.
  26. Renee – French, meaning ‘reborn’ or ‘born again’.
  27. Maxine – Feminine form of Max, meaning ‘greatest’.
  28. Stephanie – Female form of Stephen, meaning ‘crown’ or ‘wreath’.
  29. Yvonne – French, feminine form of Yvon, meaning ‘yew’.

Each of these names ending in ‘e’ offers a blend of elegance and a rich background, perfect for your little girl. From classic to contemporary, these names span various cultures and stories, offering a diverse selection for your baby’s identity.

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