10 Girl Names No One Uses Anymore

Welcome to our latest blog post, where we dive into the treasure trove of girl names that have fallen out of the limelight. In a world where naming trends change faster than fashion, it’s easy for beautiful names to get left behind. But what if the perfect name for your little one is hidden in the past?

The Charm of Vintage Names

There’s a unique charm in giving your daughter a name that stands out from the crowd. Vintage names carry with them a sense of history and elegance, often overlooked in the modern naming landscape. Let’s explore some of these forgotten gems.

  1. Mildred: A name of English origin, Mildred was popular in the early 20th century. It means “gentle strength,” a beautiful sentiment for a little girl.
  2. Agnes: This name has a rich history, popular in medieval times and meaning “pure” or “holy.” Agnes has a vintage charm that’s due for a comeback.
  3. Ethel: Once a top name in the early 1900s, Ethel, meaning “noble,” has a classic and stately air to it.
  4. Gertrude: A name of German origin meaning “strength of a spear,” Gertrude may sound a bit old-fashioned, but it has a unique character.
  5. Doris: With Greek origins and meaning “gift of the ocean,” Doris has a lyrical quality that’s rare in modern names.
  6. Myrtle: A name derived from a plant, Myrtle was once a symbol of love and immortality. It has a sweet, vintage sound to it.
  7. Gladys: Of Welsh origin, meaning “land, nation,” Gladys was once a beloved name but has since fallen out of favor.
  8. Edna: This name means “rejuvenation, delight,” and has a lyrical quality to it. It’s both simple and elegant.
  9. Bertha: Meaning “bright, glorious,” Bertha was once a name given to queens and saints.
  10. Muriel: Of Celtic origin, meaning “sea, bright,” Muriel has an enchanting sound that’s waiting to be rediscovered.

Why Choose a Forgotten Name?

Opting for a name that’s no longer in vogue can be a wonderful way to stand out. These names are not just unique; they’re conversation starters, each with its own story and background. They provide a sense of individuality and character that modern names might lack.

Tips for Choosing an Uncommon Vintage Name

  1. Consider the meaning: Often, these names have profound meanings which can be a significant factor in your choice.
  2. Think about nicknames: Many vintage names have adorable nicknames that can modernize them or make them more approachable.
  3. Research the history: Understanding the background of the name can add depth and make it more special.
  4. Test it out: Say it aloud, use it in different contexts, and see how it feels. Sometimes, the right name just clicks.
  5. Pair it with a modern middle name: This can balance the old-fashioned feel with a contemporary twist.


Choosing a name for your child is a deeply personal decision, and there’s something truly special about reviving a name from the past. These forgotten girl names offer a unique blend of charm, history, and distinctiveness. By choosing one of these names, you’re not just giving your daughter a name; you’re giving her a piece of history and a story to tell.

In a playground full of Emmas and Olivias, a little Gertrude or Myrtle might just be the breath of fresh air we need. So, why not delve into the past to find a name that will make your daughter stand out in the future?

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