Old Money Girl Names for Your Little Girl

Welcome to our latest blog post, where we delve into the world of ‘old money’ names for girls. These names, often associated with families of long-standing wealth and social standing, exude a timeless elegance and a sense of history. They are not just names; they are legacies. If you’re looking for a name that speaks of heritage, tradition, and a touch of aristocracy, you’re in the right place.

The Allure of Old Money Names

Old money names often come with a rich history and an air of sophistication. They are usually classic, avoiding the trends of modern, flash-in-the-pan names. These names have stood the test of time, often passed down through generations of influential families.

Top Old Money Names for Girls

  1. Eleanor: A name of Greek origin meaning “light,” Eleanor has been a staple among the elite for centuries. It brings to mind Eleanor Roosevelt, a woman of dignity and strength.
  2. Charlotte: A royal name, Charlotte is both classic and fashionable. It’s a name fit for a princess, quite literally.
  3. Margaret: Meaning “pearl,” Margaret is a name that has been borne by queens and saints. It’s a name that speaks of refinement and grace.
  4. Beatrice: With its roots in Latin, meaning “she who brings happiness,” Beatrice has an old-world charm that’s hard to replicate.
  5. Katherine: Meaning “pure,” Katherine is a name that has been used by royalty and nobility across Europe, known for its versatility and timelessness.
  6. Victoria: A name that immediately brings to mind the great British queen, Victoria is synonymous with dignity and power.
  7. Elizabeth: Perhaps one of the most classic names, Elizabeth has been borne by queens and literary figures alike. It’s regal and endlessly versatile.
  8. Caroline: This name, meaning “free man,” has a genteel sound to it. It’s been a favorite among the aristocracy for generations.
  9. Penelope: With Greek origins meaning “weaver,” Penelope is a name that’s both literary and aristocratic.
  10. Audrey: Meaning “noble strength,” Audrey has a vintage charm and a refined elegance.

Choosing an Old Money Name

When selecting an old money name for your daughter, consider the history and the potential nicknames. These names are often versatile, with numerous options for short forms or pet names. They pair well with a variety of surnames and often make a strong impression.

The Enduring Legacy

Old money names aren’t just about the past; they’re about creating a legacy. They carry with them

a sense of history, class, and a certain gravitas that is hard to replicate with more modern names. These names have a built-in narrative, one that speaks of family trees with deep roots, storied pasts, and a connection to history.

Embracing Tradition in a Modern World

In a time when unique and unconventional names are becoming more popular, choosing an old money name can be a way to stand out in a different way. These names offer a connection to the past, a sense of continuity in a rapidly changing world. They can also provide a sense of identity and belonging, linking your child to generations before them.


Choosing a name for your child is a significant decision, and opting for an old money name can be a way to give them a piece of history and tradition. Names like Eleanor, Charlotte, Margaret, and others on our list are not just names; they are stories, waiting to be told again in a new generation. They offer a blend of sophistication, history, and timeless charm that is rare and precious.

In the end, whatever name you choose for your little girl, it will become a part of her story, and she will make it her own. If you’re drawn to the elegance and history of old money names, then you are sure to find a name that will be cherished for generations to come.

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