Wife Put Breastmilk in Husband’s Cereal

Couples prank each other all the time, but this one might take the cake (or should we say, cereal?). A video circulating online shows a woman convincing her husband to add a surprising ingredient to his breakfast cereal: breast milk.

The clip starts with the couple discussing stress relief. The husband mentions how his children brighten his day, while the wife talks about venting to her parents or taking a drive. Then, things take a turn for the unusual. The wife prepares a bowl of cereal for her husband and convinces him to try adding a splash of a mysterious milky substance.

At first, the husband seems to enjoy the addition, but soon his taste buds pick up on something…off. His wife reveals the shocking truth: it’s breast milk! The husband recoils in disgust, explaining that while the initial taste was okay, it quickly turned unpleasant.

The wife offers an explanation – she recently stopped breastfeeding their child and her pump malfunctioned, leaving her uncomfortably full. Desperate for relief, she convinced her husband to, well, take one for the team (so to speak).

The husband isn’t exactly thrilled, mentioning a stomachache he might be experiencing because of the unusual breakfast addition. The wife, however, sees this as perfect prank material, much to the husband’s chagrin. The video ends with the wife offering her husband some juice (presumably regular, non-baby juice) and promoting their new juice company.

So, is this a hilarious prank or a recipe for disaster (and potential indigestion)? We leave that for you to decide! But one thing’s for sure – this couple certainly knows how to keep things interesting.

reveal @ 12:00 min

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